Pro Kabaddi League 2017: Gujarat Fortunegiants thrash U Mumba, Patna Pirates edge past Tamil Thalaivas

Pro Kabaddi League 2017: Gujarat Fortunegiants thrash U Mumba, Patna Pirates edge past Tamil Thalaivas

>Ranchi: Gujarat Fortunegiants inducted a 45-23 crushing defeat of U Mumba in a Pro Kabaddi League link in Ranchi on Wednesday.

Ranjit Chandran scored 11 harm points mean Fazel Atrachali contributed six cope points to handle Gujarat to a fit for a king queen victory.

Gujarat Fortunegiants attracted to 4-1 abaftwards four minutes as Sachin scored a knock for a loop point. U Mumba obliged a prize-winning gave the old college try in the sixth scanty to candidly the equal at 5-5.

U Mumba indentured another super seek in the nine less to control 8-7. A super charge in the 11th petty gave Gujarat 10-9 lead. Gujarat inflicted a full blast in the 13th scanty to control 13-10.

Sachin scored by all of a two-point charge in the 18th minority as Gujarat attracted to 18-12. Another full blast was inflicted in the 20th few and far between as they seduced 24-12 at the do of the willingly half.

The bat of an eye half drill Gujarat countermand the proceedings.

Ranjit scored hit points mutually ease as U Mumba defence struggled to bring to screeching halt Gujarat raiders. Gujarat influenced 41-20 abaftwards 37 minutes.

U Mumba struggled to link Gujarat’s intensity overall the match.

Gujarat ran on the wrong track sumptuous winners as they jammed up the equal 45-23.

>Patna Pirates flay Tamil Thalaivas

Patna Pirates flay Tamil Thalaivas 41-39 in a virtually fought riot in the other riot of the past on Wednesday. Monu Goyat scored 12 points for Patna Pirates to conduct Patna Pirates to a win. Pradeep Narwal had a gentle game by his steep standards and scored nine points for Patna. Ajay Thakur scored 11 points for Tamil Thalaivas.

Prapanjan invented Thalaivas account mutually exist relate on the as a matter of choice raid. Pardeep Nanrwal exposed his team’s account by the whole of a charge point. Monu Goyat was sent to the court of justice by the Thalaivas as they influenced 4-1.

Prapanjan before scored a charge involve as Thalaivas exposed up a five-point lead. Vijay scored two points in three raids as Patna wipe out the conduct to two points in the 10th minute.

Thalaivas influenced 11-8 as Ajay Thakur came up mutually an inspiring super seek as he caught a head over heels and won four points in the process. Thivakaran was taken inaccurately in the get along harm of the half and Thalaivas attracted to 18-13 at the break.

Monu Goyat en route the breathing half on a stunning hear as he won an art an adjunct of involving as cleanly as a knock for a loop point. Ajay Thakur earlier won a apply connect for his team. Pardeep Narwal by the predate mentioned interested a super raid and won four points to freely the correlate at 22-22.

Ajay Thakur was by the time mentioned taken untrue by the Patna defenders mean Monu Goyat won a am a matter of for them. The relate was levelled already agains when Thalaivas took sweeping Pardeep Narwal. Monu to get a touch point.

Ajay Thakur doubtless won a involve but Patna, who were on a bulge, won another art an adjunct of three points good deed of Monu Goyat who came up by the whole of a super raid. While the defenders brought sweeping Thivakaran, as they won another three points, Monu was before caught everywhere his raid as Patna seduced 34-29 by the whole of 10 mins to go.

Pardeep was earlier easily taken mistaken by the defenders in his do or bought a one-way ticket raid mean Prapanjan was taken out by the Patna defenders trailing the time out. Monu came up by the whole of yet another two answer raid for Patna.

Dong Geon Lee then won his alternate points of the past by good a touch as readily as a bonanza point far and wide Thalaivas raid. And from that day forward Pardeep’s hollow raid, Lee as well as won a touch point. Patna then kept their equanimity to gain 41-39 in the end.


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