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‘SNL’ loves ‘Pecker’ — and The New York Post

It’s the Pecker headline that just won’t go limp.

The New York Post’s instantly infamous Friday Page One headline, “Bezos Exposes Pecker,” got even more, er, exposure when “Saturday Night Live” featured it in the show’s cold open.

In the sketch, four “SNL” regulars portray a “Meet the Press” panel — and they drop almost as many “Pecker” puns as New York’s favorite tabloid in discussing Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The chrome-domed CEO had found himself in the center of a media male-strom after National Enquirer boss David Pecker allegedly tried to extort him by threatening to publish private texts and photos he shared with his mistress, Lauren Sanchez.

“Obviously, mainstream media has a responsibility to handle this story in a mature, adult manner,” intoned Kyle Mooney, portraying moderator Chuck Todd.

“Now as you can see from the New York Post headline yesterday . . .”

Mooney then held up Friday’s front page.

“Bezos exposes Pecker,” he recited.

At that point, Kenan Thompson, portraying Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, interjected — with open delight — “It’s insane!” (Bezos also owns the Washington Post.)

“You call yourself a respectable publication? I would have gone with . . .”

And then “Robinson” held up a fake Post front page that read, “YOUR AMAZON PACKAGE IS ON ITS WAY.”

Not good enough, interrupted “SNL” star Cecily Strong, portraying Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan.

She held up her own offering, a fake Post front page reading, “Stroke of Genius: BEZOS GIVES PECKER THE SHAFT.”

This gave “SNL” star Leslie Jones, portraying Democratic political strategist and frequent TV pundit Donna Brazile, the opening to scold her press colleagues.

“Did you guys make your own fake headlines?” she tsk-tsked.

But Thompson/Robinson had no interest in halting the front-page frolic.

When Mooney/Todd finally said, “Alright, let’s pivot away from penises for the moment,” Robinson moaned aloud with disappointment.


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