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Jill Abramson denies allegations of plagiarism in new book

Former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson faced allegations on Wednesday that she plagiarized in her new book about journalism and the news media.

Vice News correspondent Michael Moynihan outlined several examples of language included in a galley copy of Abramson’s book, “Merchants of Truth: Inside the News Revolution,” that are similar to previously published reports.

“*All three* chapters on Vice were clotted with mistakes. Lots of them,” Moynihan wrote in a tweet.

“The truth promised in Merchants of Truth was often not true. While trying to corroborate certain claims, I noticed that it also contained…plagiarized passages.”

He then tweeted five examples of the apparent plagiarism next to previously published stories in the Ryerson Review of Journalism, Time Out Magazine, The New Yorker and the Columbia Journalism Review.

When questioned about the passages on Fox News Wednesday night, Abramson said, “I certainly didn’t plagiarize in my book. There are 70 pages of footnotes showing where I got the information.”

She added: “Many people from Vice have been taking issue with the book. I think they don’t like the portrayal of Vice, although I think it’s a very balanced portrayal.”

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