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HBO rejects subpoena for ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ footage

HBO is refusing to turn over the outtakes of its “Rock and a Hard Place’’ documentary amid a legal battle.

Last month, the cable network received a subpoena to turn over all the footage it shot for the 2017 movie, which centered on the Miami-Dade County Corrections & Rehabilitation Boot Camp Program for youths who are trying to avoid lengthy prison sentences.

The network was slapped with the subpoena by a lawyer representing former boot-camp corrections Officer Christy Laster.

In 2016, Laster was arrested on felony charges including bribery for allegedly shaking down camp cadets, some of whom were part of the documentary. Her lawyer, David Braun, believes the footage could contain evidence of her innocence.

But HBO lawyer Stephanie Abrutyn says in court documents that the network doesn’t have to turn over the footage because it falls within journalists’ privilege laws.

The subpoena “is a classic fishing expedition,” anyway, Abrutyn wrote in recent Manhattan Supreme Court papers.

Laster’s lawyer did not return a request for comment.

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