8 Signs You're Not Talking Enough in Bed

8 Signs You’re Not Talking Enough in Bed

Doing the deed can be awkward – it’s a fact of life. Hook-ups can go awry; sex with a long-time partner may fizzle out like a Coke that’s been left open for too long. You may be with the wrong person, or you may have a little case of the Silent Sally when it comes to hitting the hay. You know that communication is important in any given relationship, because nobody (I repeat: nobody) is able to read minds. The same applies to your sex life! Here are eight signs you’re not speaking up enough in bed – and how to fix it, so you get the most pleasure ever.

1. You’re not getting what you want.

Maybe you really, really want your partner to touch or kiss you more before jumping right into it, or maybe you’d like him or her to try something else during foreplay. Don’t be afraid to say it! Lay out exactly how you want it. Chances are your SO will think it’s totally hot (and if not, then you probably need a new partner).

2. Your partner’s giving you something you DON’T want.

You don’t feel comfortable when he or she does that certain thing. Say something ASAP! We truly can’t stress this enough: if you don’t like what your partner’s doing, you need to have an immediate heart-to-heart, because it’s never OK to engage in something you’re uncomfortable with – especially when it comes to sex.

3. You feel frustrated after sex.

Getting down and dirty leaves you feeling overwhelmingly frustrated instead of on top of the world. Chances are you’d like to switch up the routine, and you’re simply not sharing your thoughts. Push aside that little voice telling you that your desires are embarrassing, because they are so not.


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