Model claims Clairol illegally used her photo for years: suit

This was one bad dye job.

A model-actress who did a stint as one of Bob Barker’s “Beauties” on the “Price is Right” claims Clairol illegally used her photo on a box of hair dye for more than a decade, according to a lawsuit filed on Monday.

Thurayyah Richardson inked a three-year contract with Abrams Artists Agency in March 2003 allowing Procter & Gamble, which owns the beauty brand, to use her perfectly coiffed mug on the box of Clairol’s Textures and Tones 1B Silken Black hair dye, the Manhattan Supreme Court suit said.

But long after that deal ended, she claims her image kept popping up. In 2014, she appeared in commercials, on coupons and the internet — some with global reach — even though she never renewed the modeling contract, the suit claimed.

The 35-year-old Philadelphia native even received some checks for her photo — but they stopped at some point, the suit said.

The unauthorized photo use hurt Richardson’s ability to continue working as a hair model, according to her attorney Tom Mullaney.

“It takes you out of the running of the other uses of your image, like L’Oreal,” he said.

Richardson notified AAA in 2014 about the illegal use of photo and even sent proof to Procter & Gamble of herself in the commercial. Procter & Gamble offered to make good on the “renewed” uses of her image — but Richardson refused to sign because they didn’t lay out specific terms of use.

“Additionally, no other documents demonstrate any authorization, from anyone, for uses of Plaintiff’s image beyond the scope of the original agreement,” the suit said. “The 2003 authorization was never expanded in terms of media, or market.”

Under the original agreement, Richardson’s image was only permitted on the box of dye and for in-store use in the United States.

Richardson, who acts under the name “Z,” is suing for breach of contract for unspecified damages.

Her resume includes stints on Season 33 of the “Price Is Right,” as well as “Chappelle’s Show,” “Malcolm in the Middle” and “Saturday Night Live,” according to her resume.

Richardson has also done hair campaigns for Revlon and Herbal Essences.

AAA and Procter & Gamble didn’t immediately return messages.

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