Brazilian beauty boss Camila Coelho has some hot tips for you

Ladies, put down the powder!

That’s the beauty tip from mega-influencer Camila Coelho, who rocked orange eye shadow and a matching outfit at the Tibi show. The Brazilian vlogger has 7.6 million Instagram followers and 1.2 million YouTube subscribers on her English channel.

“Baking never really worked for me,” she tells The Post, in reference to the technique of applying powder over foundation, letting it sit for 10 to 20 minutes to set the base, then dusting it off. “When people show it in videos, it’s beautiful. But in person, it’s too cakey and heavy, and you don’t really need it. Less is more.”

Coelho is also over flawless, high-definition arches.

“I’m always trying to have less perfect, more messy brows,” she said, ruffling hers.

But she is digging colorful eye shadows and vividly hued, original eyeliner applications, like geometric designs and floating crease liner (as seen on Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Ariana Grande). “I feel like this season is really calling for color on your lids. I’m very into the neons: bright orange, blue and even yellow.”

As for her favorite new product, she recommends Huda Beauty’s Matte & Metal Melted shadows ($25 at “It’s creamy matte on one side, and the other side is glitter. You can dab on quickly and go to a show or night out. Those are really fun to play with and practical.”

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