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Woman busted for knocking over 15-foot crucifix inside church

A woman has been arrested by Northern California cops, who say she knocked over a 15-foot crucifix in an act of vandalism caught on video.

Watsonville Police said surveillance footage shows 23-year-old Jackeline Chavira walking into St. Patrick’s Church Wednesday, heading to the altar and pushing over the crucifix after checking to see that no was watching.

Chavira then went next door and damaged a statue and artwork in a prayer room where two parishioners were praying, police said.

Watsonville police posted video of the crucifix being vandalized on Facebook where it was viewed 18,000 times within hours, The Fresno Bee reported.

Cops accused Chavira, 23, of vandalizing the church during a 40-minute crime spree.

The vandalism at St. Patrick’s caused $15,000 in damage, police said.

Chavira was being held at the Santa Cruz County Jail Thursday after being booked on several charges. Her bail was set at $25,000.

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