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Washington State man allegedly waterboarded 7-year-old daughter

A man was arrested in Washington State for allegedly waterboarding his 7-year-old daughter because she had misbehaved, a report said on Tuesday.

Matthew Farrar, 27, was taken into police custody on Sunday after his girlfriend went to a local 7-Eleven to report that Farrar had bound his daughter’s mouth while pouring water over her face, according to NBC News.

The woman said that Farrar had “violently spanked” the child with a belt before dragging her into the bathroom while she was screaming “bloody murder,” the report said.

Farrar then allegedly “grabbed a red colored wash towel and wetted it with water” before placing it over her face and emptying a 17-ounce plastic bottle with water over her head.

“He slowly started pouring water onto the hand towel that was held on [the girl’s] face, over her mouth and nose,” court documents allege.

He had said the girl was lying and talking back.

Once the incident was through, the woman grabbed the girl and fled to the 7-Eleven to call police.

Farrar admitted to striking the girl and using water.

“I think it could have been a little too much,” he told the police.

The man was charged with two counts of child abuse.

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