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NY’s Earth Day ‘trash blitz’ hauled in 8,600 bags of garbage

ALBANY, N.Y. — State officials say last month’s Earth Day “trash blitz” conducted by transportation department employees resulted in thousands of bags of garbage being picked up along New York roads and highways.

Department of Transportation officials say the April 22 trash collection effort by more than 1,900 agency workers assisted by jail inmates hauled in more than 8,600 bags of garbage.

DOT officials say the statewide trash pick-up was held on Earth Day to encourage motorists to not litter New York’s landscape. They say roadside trash can pose safety hazards in addition to being an eyesore.

The agency says more than 3,400 trash bags were filled in the Hudson Valley, the most of any region of the state. Central New York was next with 1,300 bags, followed by western New York with more than 900 bags.

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