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Model shot chilling video just before boarding doomed Ethiopia flight

A former Russian model who was killed along with her husband in the Ethiopian Airlines disaster shot a haunting video moments before the tragic couple boarded their doomed flight.

The video — captioned “1.5 hour transfer and we are flying to Kenya” — shows Muscovites Ekaterina Polyakova, 28, and her husband, Alexander Polyakov, also 28, as they embark on their ill-fated journey, according to the UK’s Metro.

“So we finally got to the summer. Hi to all winter people. We’re sending you the sun, the sun of Asia, there, to the Russian winter. Cooold… Aaaa!” says Polyakova, who had worked as a model in her native Taganrog before moving to the Russian capital.

Her husband, a former Russian marine and a seasoned traveler, appears apprehensive as he sits on a bus taking them to the Boeing 737 MAX 8 at the Addis Ababa airport shortly before it took off for Nairobi.

Six minutes after takeoff Sunday, the plane crashed, killing all 157 people aboard, including the couple, both of whom worked for Russia’s Sberbank.

“Katya (Ekaterina) finished school with a golden medal, she was a very lively and kind-hearted person,” friend Daria Malysheva said.

“They had been dating since they were third-year students. … They were so young, and so full of plans for their lives.”

Taganrog photographer Ekaterina Gatsenko said Polyakova “was full of smiles — and a good friend. She was very beautiful and photogenic.”

In her last post on Instagram, Polyakova wrote: “Exactly one year ago we headed to Asia, now we are flying to Africa.

“And in the past we thought that a trip to Moscow was something special. Once again, it proves that we are the ones building our own limits and borders.”

Another Russian national, professional parachute jumper and instructor Sergey Vyalikov, also was killed in the crash.

A friend was surprised to hear that Vyalikov had been traveling abroad:

“I was training to jump together with him in 2010-2011. It is a great shock for me,” said the friend, identified only as Tatiana, according to the Express of the UK.

“I had no idea he had a foreign passport, he was mainly traveling around Russia.”

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