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Biden’s new climate change plan copied passages from other sources

An ambitious climate change plan released by former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday was amended soon after it was released because a few passages did not correctly credit sources for the information.

The president of a “progressive cellphone company” in California highlighted two instances of language in the plan that is similar to items published by climate activist groups.

“The paragraph in Joe Biden’s climate plan about carbon capture and sequestration includes language that is remarkably similar to items published previously by the Blue Green Alliance and the Carbon Capture Coalition,” Josh Nelson wrote on Twitter with screenshots that show nearly the same language.

The Daily Caller, a conservative news website, picked up the story and said they found three other examples of improperly sourced material.

Biden’s team amended the proposal after it was brought to their attention and blamed the instances on “several citations” that had been “inadvertently left out.”

Biden’s plan is a mix of tax incentives, federal spending and increased regulations that he claims will lead the US to a net zero carbon emissions in the next 30 years.

During Biden’s 1988 presidential campaign, controversy erupted over plagiarized passages in a campaign speech and plagiarism on a law school paper. This firestorm led to him leaving the race.

President Trump blasted Biden in an early morning Tweet.

“Plagiarism charge against Sleepy Joe Biden on his ridiculous Climate Change Plan is a big problem, but the Corrupt Media will save him,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “His other problem is that he is drawing flies, not people, to his Rallies. Nobody is showing up, I mean nobody. You can’t win without people!”

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