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‘Revenge Body’ trainer Harley Pasternak ready for Season 3

Third time’s a charm for celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak on his return to Khloé Kardashian‘s series “Revenge Body” this summer.

From the beginning of his time working with the Kardashian reality TV empire, Pasternak has appreciated the concept of the show because it differs from weight-loss competition programs, like “The Biggest Loser,” and focuses on one person’s specific journey.

“For me the most exciting thing is to be part of a process is that it doesn’t put competition as part of [it],” he recently told Page Six. “It’s how you restore someone’s confidence, how to set them up for success and the tools that you’re giving them that they can carry for the rest of their life.”

He said his contestant this season wanted to work with him because of his unique approach to fitness and weight loss.

“She had seen the previous two seasons and I was the trainer she had related with most because my approach is your hand isn’t being held by a trainer in a special gym with special equipment,” he said. “It wasn’t about the workout, the workout was the cherry on top, not the entire sundae.”

In previous seasons, Pasternak, 44, hasn’t even had his clients hit the gym in the first month. Instead, he had them focus on hitting a step count and getting the right amount of sleep — an approach that he said wasn’t easy to convey to prior participants who were looking for celeb-status training sessions.

“She was just like, ‘You’re the one I wanted and I’m in,’” he recalled of his Season 3 client. “From day one she was phenomenal.”

Harley Pasternak leading a class in New York
Harley Pasternak leading a class in the HamptonsGetty Images

However, Pasternak, who is the creator of “The Body Reset Diet,” and trainer to stars like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry, said helping his “Revenge Body” client kick her sugar habit was the challenge this time around.

“I noticed that there’s certain things, no matter how good I am, this particular person was a chef and a baker and has a crazy sweet tooth and I had to come up with an approach that was a little different this time,” he said.

Luckily, while Pasternak wasn’t filming, he developed a product to kick his own sugar habit, a mint he’s named Sweet Kick that “shuts off my mouth’s ability to actually taste and enjoy sugar [and] also stabilizes my blood sugar so I don’t get those blood sugar drops.”

The product, which was approved by E!’s legal team to use on the show, proved to be successful for his TV client. In one scene, he told us she tried various homemade sweets in her house and immediately said, “that’s disgusting” and, “these are gross.”

Without spilling too many details ahead of the season’s July premiere, Pasternak told us that his client, who’s also a mom, transformed from being overweight to “a smaller size now than she was when she was 14.”

“This wonderful woman has kind of always been big and for her to be the person she is now, I didn’t even expect her to do this well,” he said. “She kept going with it, even when we stopped working together … she’s even leaner and fitter now than when the show ended.”

And even though Kardashian started the show as she got her own “Revenge Body” following her tumultuous relationship with Lamar Odom, Pasternak said the show has evolved into more than just getting in shape for someone else.

“This show, it’s called ‘Revenge Body’ but you can replace the word ‘revenge’ with reset, recharge, [or] renew,” he said. “It’s a very positive message.”

Season 3 of “Revenge Body” premieres on July 7.

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