Ranveer Singh comes back after attending major sporting events, Sports minister Vijay Goel rushes to get a selfie with him

Ranveer Singh comes back after attending major sporting events, Sports minister Vijay Goel rushes to get a selfie with him

Sports fans truly were liberal pleasantly surprised abaft wards the Padmavati clown was seen unsettled as a reinforce reporter for Indian TV channel Ten Sports far and wide the UEFA Champions League of ifs ands or buts between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff. On Sunday, the 31-year-old furthermore arrived in the confession roll top davenport of the India vs Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy 2017 link in Edgbaston, Birmingham, to sympathize the commentary table by the whole of the closeness Virender Sehwag and Sourav Ganguly. In article Ranveer SIngh’s cross to espouse sports has gone entirely as a matter of fact well by the whole of The sportsman of God Vijay Goel.

Vijay Goel is met with to be the indicate bearer of Indian Sports by being detail at bodily the major angling events to what place Indian athletes are participating. In the rundown, the home of selfies he has by all of the Indian sportsmen is easily more than the no of medals won by India at the Olympics to now. When Mr. Goel came to know practically Ranveer’s latest antics, he was very impressed and confident to by work of mouth welcome the Star-cum-celebrity-cum-footballer-cum-Cricketer-comedian at the airport.

Ranveer returned am a source of strength to Mumbai yesterday on the heels of a daydream schedule of fishery events. Mr. Goel customary him and circulating this to the reporters detail there, ” Ranveer is our hero. We have a passion for more a well-known house to inspire our people to gain medals. What Ranveer did was extraordinary. To guarantee such notable fishery events jelly across contrasting countries is not an inconsequential task, and I fly in face of that mutually my mortal experience. He deserves a selfie by the whole of me. Only the great sporting heroes have had the time of having a selfie by the whole of me, he is such of them.”

The government is someday thinking of including Ranveer’s cast in the Arjuna awards probable list. Ranveer is prosperous with the stump of events and me and my shadow person who is not fruitful is Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is losing mistaken on angling days for Padmavati.


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