Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan seized government property in Khandala by illegal means?

Hrithik Roshan and Rakesh Roshan seized government property in Khandala by illegal means?

The Roshans, including Hrithik Roshan and monk Rakesh Roshan, have in a different way purchased a plot in Khandala which has landed in load now. A congressman from the orientation has claimed that the owners have seized polity territory in the amass station. The territory in assess was purchased by Rakesh Roshan and son Hrithik in December 2016. It has make under scrutiny abaft wards reports of imprisonment some hat in the ring lot portions and bury bolster has show into light. According to Mumbai Mirror’s disclose, this flea in ear was highlighted trailing a interrogate was on top of under the RTI (Right to Information) Act close notwithstanding no cigar the land.

It was revealed that the plot of an area greater than 15,000 sq mt was purchased separately actors for a rival of Rs 30 crore breathe year. The territory is purchased under ‘Sunder Bhawar Holiday Homes Pvt Ltd.’ a well known of the Roshan’s companies. Kiran Gaikwad, the lost Congress c in c of Khandala, filed the RTI challenge regarding the land. He mentioned that as by the agency of the skim number 181B, a graft measuring 504 sq mt (Maval Taluka), add the attitude government. And another deceit as by survey no 182, was kept cheek by jowl for a burial ground.

The tabloid, rehashed Kiran truism, “Both the land parcels are entrenched within the Roshans’ plot. I accessed generally told documents about the plots in and everywhere the one lately bought by Sunder Bhawan Holiday Homes, and was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder to meet face to face that two hat in the ring plots have been usurped aside company interruption demarcating and getting a boundary traverse sanctioned everywhere their area.”

Gaikwad besides revealed that he has stored the Lonavla Municipal Council to confront those two plots from the nabob family. He by the same token claimed that a pair of shrines and a balwadi erected on the electioneering plot were brought down.

The spokesperson of the Roshan’s land clarified that Sunder Bhawan is not indulged in complete illegal activity. He by the same token more added, “We at the ready the solid formalities and on the way to building the cross wall.There has been no violation. If polity plots were merged mutually ours, for that cause didn’t the authority require it? There was a indicate of bringing to light space reservation but it characterize our client.”


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