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Getting hyped for the 2020 census, whistleblowers and all

Dear John: I guess your favorite time period is coming soon — the 2020 census. I’m looking forward to your exposé, and whistleblowers coming forward. B.C.

Dear B.C.: Yep, the decennial census is almost upon us and, boy, am I excited. More cheating. More politics. More controversy about whether people will have to say whether they are citizens or not.

Let me give you a little insight on that issue. People lie to the census-takers all the time. So why would they tell the truth about citizenship?

Anyway, the every-10-year census is mandated in Article 1, Section 2, of the US Constitution, so how can you not be excited?

(Of course, the collection of data has changed a bit since 1790, when this census began. So maybe we can do away with the 10-year mandate part of the constitution that makes absolutely no sense.)

Having said that, I could use a few more whistleblowers who’d like to pass along census foibles and illegal acts. I can always be reached at 

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