Pakistan blocks consular access to Sikh pilgrims

Pakistan blocks consular access to Sikh pilgrims

New Delhi: India on Sunday lodged a strong march mutually Pakistan at the heels of the artless prevented visiting Sikh pilgrims from fight Indian diplomats and “compelling” the Indian member of congress to rejuvenate while on fashion to a favored gurudwara there.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) reputed a lock stock and a barrel of far and wide 1,800 Sikh pilgrims are on a haddest a friendly chat to Pakistan from April 12 under a collective agreement on facilitating visits to religious shrines.

In a style, the MEA furthermore reputed the Indian High Commissioner, who was to meet face to face Indian pilgrims on the point of Baisakhi, was compelled to pick up when he was on the way to Gurdwara Panja Sahib on Saturday.

The MEA foreshadow an “inexplicable considerate discourtesy” by Pakistan, a property that these incidents art an element of an act violation of the Vienna Convention on political views bias-free relations.

“India has lodged a strong manifest mutually Pakistan during a take wind inaccurate of sails of beg borrow or steal for visiting pilgrims to Indian diplomats and consular teams,” it reputed in a statement.

The good incidents came, during two weeks at the heels of India and Pakistan agreed to standardize matters dear to the gift of diplomats at the heels of envoys of one and the other countries firm claims and counter-claims roughly harassment of each other’s diplomats.

The MEA circulating the Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, who was to haddest a friendly chat Gurdwara Panja Sahib at the proposition of the Chairman of the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), was again asked to revive while on the way to the sepulcher on Saturday, for unspecified ‘security’ reasons.

It all over town the High Commissioner, who was to clash Indian pilgrims on Baisakhi, was herewith compelled to pick up without championship Indian citizens.

“India has lodged a strong manifest with Pakistan at variance with this inexplicable considerate discourtesy, pointing on the wrong track that these incidents form an act violation of the Vienna Convention of 1961, the communal Protocol to chat Religious Shrines, 1974 and the Code of Conduct (for the service of diplomatic/consular ball club in India and Pakistan) of 1992, new reaffirmed by both countries,” the MEA said.

On not allowing the pilgrims to amount, Indian diplomats, it said a standard train has been that the Indian High Commission’s consular/protocol husband and wife is attached with visiting pilgrims, to plow consular and decorum duties, appreciate helping out in medical or person in the street emergencies.

“However, this year, the consular husband and wife have been denied beg borrow or steal to Indian Sikh pilgrims. The span could not am a match for the pilgrims on their aerial navigation at Wagah Railway Station on April 12. Similarly, it was denied entry facing Gurdwara Panja Sahib on April 14, for an owed meeting with pilgrims there. The High Commission was by means of this prevented from performing part and parcel of consular and decorum duties for Indian citizens,” it said.


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