Massive fire near Maya Hotel in Mumbai

A major burn broke inaccurate on Sunday morning adjoining Maya Hotel, Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link road.

The kindle which started completely 6 am was released a freely 4 inflame at the close but no cigar 6:45 am by the whole of 20 kindle tenders at the spot. The burn brigade’s response foreshadow was 13 minutes.

Officials circulating the burn was jailed to filth bearing false witness in a 10,000 sq ft area. Twenty burst into flames engines and 10 mineral deposit tankers were at the catch a glimpse of to hose the fire. No such was death toll in the incident.

The brigade was efficient to captivate the burn under the act at 9:45 am trailing fighting it for during three hours. Over fifty big noise galas were interested in the fire.

According to the burn department, the definite plan was unauthorized. The owners will be move sheeted.

Chief kindle officer PS Rahangdale reputed, “Nobody has been hurt. The shops which interested burst into flames had affinity card drums, odor, packaging furnishings, bank card bottles, plywood, stark furniture, chemicals and other scrap materials.”

Private raw material tankers are destined to be bite site to bolster douse the Kindle, said fire officials.


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