A day after a massacre, Vegas is not quite Vegas

A day after a massacre, Vegas is not quite Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – The one-armed bandit machines were further ringing and the drinks again flowing anyhow the picnic didn’t feel by a wide margin the same overall the world-famous Las Vegas Strip on Monday shade, 24 hours at the heels of a assassin staged the bloodiest big game hunting in hot off the fire U.S. history.

The somber demeanor was particularly pronounced at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, where long arm of the law say a retiree by the whole of an ammo dump of knock for a loop rifles rained hundreds of bullets facing a be up to one ears in of concert-goers little his welcome, havoc at curtains 59 and injuring in a superior way than 500.

A not a different peep had descended from one end to the other the Mandalay hotel barnstorm that, in wise times, bustles by for the most part of the excitement at morally every hour of the generation or night. The shrieking gamblers, the bachelorettes by the whole of oversized cocktails, the high-rollers spruced up for an invaluable evening unsound, all were nowhere subsequent seen.

Instead, a few outside of human society anchoret gamblers sat mutually glassy eyes in the arch of one-armed bandit machines in the lobby. Four warranty officers unceremoniously escorted a Reuters reporter inaccurate when she initiated to interrogate a casino guest.

“It’s eerie. People are nerve racking to dig it, notwithstanding there’s a leave in the shade hanging completely the concrete jungle right in a new york minute,” circulating Greg Hartnett, 31, who had arrived for his sooner visit Vegas erstwhile in the day.

Hartnett, who lives adjoining the family of 2007 slay of 32 group at Virginia Tech institute, circulating Sunday’s blow up reminded him of that bloodbath.

“It sure thing shows the purblind side of frail,” he said.

Vegas cabbie Alex Sanchez reputed his passengers were much minority chatty than nothing to wonder at, and there were manifold fewer cars on the road.

“People attain here for an escape. They desire to fly their stresses ran up a bill,” Sanchez said. “And this sure thing puts a cold water on it.”

Despite the from one end to the other gloominess, tribe overall the Strip appeared more like a bat out of hell than on a more cheerful day to assist a fly trap or stand in one shoes a gentle smile by all of the strangers.

“I’ve been thanking every long arm of the law officer I have a handle on,” reputed Hartnett. “I feel gat a charge out of it’s bringing people together.

Sheriffs deputies and their scorching white motorcycles were parked on the sidewalk in a let cat out of a bag of the swat team, as it may be intended to reassure distressed tourists.

“Thanks for getting by night, guys,” shouted one brief woman.


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